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How it works

Finding a place to shoot is now as easy as finding a place to stay.


Find your ideal set using keywords in the smart search bar e.g. ‘Warehouse, Bristol’ or ‘Barn, Somerset’. Choose a category to refine your search and filter by price and amenities.
Browse photos and location details and use host profiles and reviews to help you make the right choice. Make your own profile to give hosts a sense of who you are and what you do.


Once you find a host with the space you need you can contact them using our messaging service to arrange dates and ask any specific questions. Booking is easy, you just enter the number of hours you need and click HIRE. You can then pay safely and securely via credit/debit card or using your paypal account if you have one.


Arrange with host on start time and address. Make the most of your unique location, follow your host’s rules and remember to leave the location on time and as you found it. Leave a review to help other shooters find their perfect set.


Earn money from your extra space by hiring it to filmmakers and photographers.  Grimey basement, Edwardian drawing room, run-down warehouse, cowshed, bunker, barn, bungalow, you name it someone wants it. 


List your space

Once you’ve created a profile and linked your paypal account you’re ready to create a listing. Spaces are hired ‘per hour’ so you just choose your price, available hours and set your ground rules. GET SET FILM take a 12% fee from your price and you keep the rest (minus any paypal charges).

Describe your space clearly, specify its dimensions and list all amenities and features. Upload quality photos to help shooters get a sense of your space and make the right choice.

Respond to enquiries

Use our convenient messaging service to manage your correspondence.

Most Shooters will have questions and some will want to recce your space. The more detailed your profile and listing is the less questions you’ll get and the more thoroughly you answer questions the less recce requests you’ll get.

Host a film

Once you secure a booking you’ll need to supply your address and any relevant details ahead of the Shooters arrival. Most Shooters will request to recce the space before their shoot so they can plan their shots so it’s worth bearing this in mind with regard to your listing and your pricing.

Leave a review for your Shooters as this benefit other hosts and will help build trust for all users of GET SET FILM. Your Shooters will leave a review for you so you can build a reputation.